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Welcome to the Mainline Menswear Affiliate Program!
About Mainline Menswear

Here at Mainline Menswear we are passionate about providing the best online outlet to shop for branded and iconic men's designer clothing. We believe that it is our wide range of respected men's designer branded clothing labels and our award winning customer service which sets us apart from the crowd!

Our commitment to core customer service areas include next-day delivery with full courier tracking, a UK based team available 7 days per week to answer your questions via telephone, instant messenger, email and social media! It is precisely these reasons why our customers come back time and time again to update their wardrobe with the best designer clothing for men! If you would like to know more about what we do and how we do it, please visit the about Mainline Menswear Page.

Promote Mainline Menswear & Get Rewarded!

Mainline Menswear is an established online retailer of men's fashion and we recognise the strength of our industry as a whole is largely down to the communities operating within it. From bloggers to bargain hunters, fashion enthusiasts and magazine editors, we all share one common goal – to promote the fashion industry to wider audiences!

The Mainline Menswear Affiliate Program offers you the chance to get up to 10% commission on any orders you refer to our site.

Sounds Great! How Does it Work?

It really couldn't be any easier to start promoting Mainline Menswear on your website(s) and begin earning money for the visitors you send who end up as paying customers.

1. Sign up to our Affiliate Program

Signing up to our affiliate program really is quick and easy. Mainline Menswear use Linkshare to handle our Network of Affiliate Partners. Linkshare are a leading provider of affiliate marketing solutions to a number of high profile fashion retailers and they are known for highly accurate tracking software, fast payments and ease of use! - Sign up to Linkshare here. After signing up as a Linkshare Publisher you then need to search for 'Mainline Menswear' in the top-right search box.

2. Place the Banners Provided on Your Website(s)

Once you have located, applied and been accepted to the Mainline Menswear profile within Linkshare you are real close to being able to start earning money by referring fashion conscious shoppers to one of the widest ranges of men's designer clothing available online!

The next step is to locate the advertising banners you wish to appear on your website(s). To do this, simply click "Links > Get Links" from the main navigation while logged into your publisher account, scroll down until you find Mainline Menswear. When hovering over Mainline Menswear you will see the popup shown here. Simply click banner / images to be shown the creative on offer. Find the banner(s) you want to feature on your website(s) and click on 'Get Link' in the right hand column. A popup will appear with the code you need to copy and paste into your website to have the banner show and track clicks. You don't need to host any of the images on your website –please be sure to use the code provided by Linkshare to ensure accurate tracking of your referrals!

Please note that we change our banners regularly to reflect seasonal offers and trends so be sure to check back regularly to keep your advertising fresh and relevant! If you require a banner in a particular language or style then please get in touch and we will endeavor to meet your requirements.

3. Earn Commissions from Customers who Clicked Banners at Your Website

The final step is by far the easiest. With Mainline Menswear affiliate banners now in place on your website, sit back and watch the clicks, conversions and commissions update in real time from within your Linkshare account!

If you have any questions about our affiliate program please check out the FAQ's below and do not hesitate to contact us if your query is not answered below!


The Mainline Menswear Affiliate Team

Frequently Asked Questions…
How many of your banners can I use on my website(s)?

As many as you wish! You may place Mainline Menswear affiliate advertising banners on any page of any website which has been pre-approved by Mainline Menswear.

What commission can I expect to earn?

Our typical rates our 7% paid on full price purchases and 3% paid on sale item purchases. If you believe you can send significant levels of converting traffic to our website please get in touch to discuss a hybrid commission rate which gets more rewarding as you introduce more paying customers to Mainline Menswear!

How to track who buys from Mainline after clicking banners on my site?

Linkshare administer and report upon all tracking. They track click through rates based on clicks / impressions generated through your banners in addition to the revenue and commission generated by these clicks. For more technical information on how Link Share tracking works please visit the Linkshare Help Section.

When and how will I get paid?

You can be paid via Direct Deposit into an account of your choosing; either in EUR or GBP. You will choose the account you wish to be credited when creating your Linkshare Publisher account.

Payments are typically made Monthly or when your pre-defined threshold has been exceeded. Again, you define this threshold when you create your publisher account. For example, you can choose only to be paid when commissions reach a certain threshold – such as £100. This threshold is, by default, as low as £1 – however you can customise this from within your Linkshare Account.

On what type of websites can I place Mainline Menswear affiliate banners?

You may use Mainline Menswear affiliate marketing banners on any of your websites which don't contain hateful material deemed by us to be offensive or pornographic. The websites must be aesthetically pleasing and be created in good taste. All websites must be pre-approved by Mainline Menswear before our marketing banners may be used. This approval process is administered when you apply to promote our service through Link Share.

We are genuinely excited to partner with the following types of website:

» Fashion Websites (Men's Fashion / General Fashion / Specialist Fashion)
» Men's Interest Websites (Gadget's / Girls / Automobiles / Sports)
» Men's Health and Fitness Websites

If your website doesn't fit in with any of the above categories yet you have a large, predominantly male audience then please get in touch to enquire about starting a business relationship with Mainline Menswear today!

Any problems please contact us on 01723 624264 and ask for Andy.